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Cows are ruminants, and evolved to eat grass and hay. Feeding grains changes the internal chemistry of the cows, even on grass fed, grain finished beef, which is why we never feed grains to our cows. The meat cooks differently than commercially available beef and is much better for you. Be sure to read our cooking tips or use one of the many grass-fed cookbooks for your recipe temperatures and cooking times. Grass Fed and Finished Beef has been recognized in many books and cookbooks in the last few years, especially those by Shannon Hayes (The Farmer and the Grill, The Grass Fed Gourmet, Long Way on a Little).

Compared to grain-fed beef, research has found that beef raised exclusively on a grass fed diet:
  • is naturally lean, less than half the total fat and less saturated fat and 100 fewer calories in 6 oz.
  • has as low as 2:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids where grain fed beef has up to 20:1 ratio
  • has a polyunsaturated/saturated fatty acid ratio similar to wild game
  • is 3-5 times higher in conjugated linoleic acid (thought to be a cancer preventer)
  • is 4 times higher in vitamins A and E
  • has more beta carotene, giving it a rich red color,
  • carries minimal risk of E.coli contamination
  • Because we raise our beef from start to finish, we can assure you that our beef have been given:
  • no grain except the natural grass seeds in the pastures
  • no daily low level antibiotics
  • no hormone growth implants or feed supplements
  • no pesticides, insecticides, pour-on or internal wormers
  • no feed additives or animal byproducts
  • Pork

    Our pork is pasture raised. A healthy diet is important not only to you but to our animals. We feed our pigs locally raised, ground, GMO Free pig feed, and when the weather is right, anything Mother Nature can grow including fresh greens out in their pasture, weeds, and surplus vegetables gleaned from our garden. All this translates to delicious pork on your table. From our smoked bacon with eggs in the morning to succulent tenderloin roast for dinner, you'll taste the difference in every bite.

    Our mixed breed pigs are good browsers and consume a considerable amount of grass, and turn the soil for trace minerals. The animals live low stress lives and have the freedom to exercise the full range of their normal behaviors including rooting, scratching, preening, wallowing in the wet spots, and taking sunbaths. They can often be found snoozing in their lean-to shed in summer and in the protection of the barn in winter, both attached to their 10 acre pasture. All smoking is Nitrite Free.

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