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Bulk Purchasing

Lewis Waite Farm Packages are perfect for individuals or families who want to stock their freezers with humanely and sustainably raised meat at a bulk rate. They are designed to provide customers with a range of Lewis Waite products, giving a taste of the variety of cuts, at a discounted rate. The packages are divided into tiers based on their total value.

  • Tier 1, valued around $200, entitles you to 5% discount off retail
  • Tier 2, valued around $500, entitles you to 7% discount off retail
  • Tier 3, valued around $1000, entitles you to 10% discount off retail
  • These packages can be compared to ¼, ½, or whole cow/pig packages available elsewhere, however our system allows for more flexibility and custom requests. As you read through the packages, please keep in mind we do not always have all cuts available, but we do guarantee an assortment and will notify you of any substitutions prior to payment.

    All meat is frozen, individually weighed and wrapped in vacuum sealed packages. We are happy to provide cooking instructions and recipes to familiarize customers with new cuts and techniques. Packages are made to order and ready for pick up at your convenience, here at the farm or at the Saratoga Springs or Dorset Farmers' Market.

    Pre Set Packages or Create Your Own

    Tier 1: 5% off retail

      Dry Aged, Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef:

    This package is approximately 20lbs of grass fed beef, which includes 6lbs ground beef, 9lbs roasts, 6lbs steaks, and 2lbs sausage. Or can be described as 6 pkgs ground beef, 3 larger roasts, 9 steaks (lower, mid & high end), and 2 packages of all beef sausage. Further break down available upon request.

      Pastured GMO Free Pork:

    This package is approximately 20lbs of our pastured GMO free pork. Contents are approximately 6lbs roasts, 3lbs chops, 3lbs ribs, 1lb ground pork, 3lbs sausage, 2lbs smoked ham steak and 2lbs of bacon. It can also be described as 2 large roasts, 2 ¡V 3 packs of pork chops (two per pack), 2 packages of spare ribs, 1 package of ground pork, a variety of 3 different all pork sausage, 1 large ham steak and 2 packages of bacon. Further break down is available upon request.

      Mixed Beef and Pork

    This package is approximately 20 pounds split between a variety of pork and beef. You will get 5lbs of ground beef, 5 steaks, 1 larger beef roast (around 3lbs), 1lb all beef sausage, 1 larger 3lb pork roast, 4 pork chops (2/pk), 1 package of spare ribs, 2 packages of bacon, and two packages of pork sausage.

    Tier 2: 7% off retail

      Dry Aged, Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef

    This package is a variety of cuts making up approximately 55lbs of our grass fed beef. You will get approximately 15 packages ground beef, 15lbs of roasts, 5lbs of all beef sausage, and 15 lbs. of steaks. Or it can be described as 15 1lb ground beef, 5 roasts, a variety of 6 beef sausages, 20 steaks (lower, mid & high end) and a couple other assorted cuts. Further break down available upon request.

    Custom Meat Mix — create your own, or ask us to, for any Tier of pricing!

    Tier 3: 10% off retail

      Dry Aged, Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef

    This package is a variety of cuts from the whole animal making up approximately 120lbs of our grass fed beef. This breaks into approximately 35lbs of steaks, 40lbs of ground, 25lbs of roasts, 20lbs of all beef sausage and assorted hard to find cuts. It can also be described as 40 packages ground beef, 42 steaks (lower, mid & high end), 8 roasts, 12 pkgs of sausage, and 4 cuts such as ribs and shank slices. Further break down available upon request.

      Mixed Meat Freezer Filler

    This package is a mix of pasture raised chicken and lamb, our own beef and pork ,and Stonewood Farm turkey. The total package comes to around 150 pounds of meat. It is approximately 50% beef, 20% Pork, 15% Chicken, 10% Turkey and 5% Lamb. This can break down to something like this:

    Beef: A mix of ground beef, steaks, sausage, roasts and other assorted cuts. (approximately 80lbs)
    Chicken: One whole roaster, and a blend of breast, leg and thigh and ground chicken. (approximately 25lbs)
    Lamb: A mix of ground lamb, chops, and roasts (approximately 8lbs)
    Pork: A mix of roasts, chops, smoked pork and sausage (approximately 33lbs)
    Turkey: One large breast and variety of lean turkey sausage (approximately 12lbs)

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